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You go to turn on the dryer and instead of being greeted by the familiar tumbling sound of your clothes doing the drying dance -- nothing happens. Few things are as frustrating and inconvenient than a broken dryer. Before you reach for your toolbox give Dryer Repair a call at (855) 252-3711. Our team of experienced appliance repair technicians will have your dryer in perfect working condition in no time. Our response time to your repair calls are fast, our technicians are highly proficient and always courteous. You can rest assured that the problem with your dryer will be properly diagnosed and a fair and proper estimate, will be issued for the service provided.


Dryer Repair

Dryers are very essential appliances in any household. They save you time and keep from having to hang your clothes on a line outside. It’s therefore very important to ensure that your dryer is always in good working order; and that it operates at peak efficiency. This can be done through regular inspection and undertaking any necessary repairs. The best way of doing this is by seeking the services of the professionals on DryerRepair.net.


Dryer Maintenance

We are you’re top nationwide provider of clothes dryer maintenance services. We offer innovative value-added solutions and an unparalleled customer service 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days-a-week throughout the year. Our staff comprises of highly trained technicians with the experience, skills and parts needed to diagnose your dryer, make repairs and tune it up for maximum performance.


Dryer Installation

If you have just purchased a dryer, you may have paid a pretty penny for it. The last thing you would want to do is spend an arm and a leg on installation. Call us at (855) 252-3711 before you have the big box store overcharge you for a dryer install. Our friendly staff have installed many different makes and model dryers including numerous brands, gas and electric.

Main Brands We Service

Whether your dryer is a modern unit equipped with advanced electronics, or if its an older model, the technicians on Dryer Repair have the experience and the replacement parts to complete any dryer repair regardless of manufacturer or model, quickly and economically. So, don't put your dryer at risk for further damage by entrusting its repair to a novice. Don't put yourself at risk by attempting a repair yourself. Give us a call and you'll be folding your dry clothes again in no time. Our techs have experience repairing: Whirlpool, Bosch, Kenmore, Maytag, GE, GE Monogram, Amana, Jenn-Air, LG, Electrolux, Samsung, Hotpoint and more.

Whirlpool Dryer

Whirlpool Dryers


Kenmore Dryer

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Maytag Dryer

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GE Dryer

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Samsung Dryer

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Amana Dryer

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Dryer Repair Tips

Here’s a couple of the MOST IMPORTANT DRYER MAINTENANCE TIPS from some of our top notch repair technicians. *Keep in mind we have technicians that are highly trained, licensed, highly recommended, near you, and sure to help fix all of your dryer needs.

How to clean your dryer



Even though you empty the lint filter after each use (right?), lint buildup can clog the duct over time and become a fire hazard. A sure sign that your dryer is clogged? It takes more than an hour to dry a load. Once a year, detach the hose from the back of the dryer and snake a long brush through to push out lint (20-foot dryer vent brush). Also scrub the lint filter once a year with a small toothbrush and a bit of detergent. Rinse, then air-dry completely. - source - RealSimple.com

how to dry clothes faster



Check the moisture of the clothing needed to dry. If your clothing is soaking wet then realize it will take hours to dry anything that contains that much moisture. Put your clothes back into the washer and run the “spin and drain” cycle to completely get the extra water removed from your clothing. This will take an extra 10 minutes to run and complete. By doing this you will save drying time. After the spin cycle is complete, put the needed clothes into the dryer and run on “high heat” for 15 minutes. - source - RemoveAndReplace.com


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